Discover Benburb Valley

Why do we spend so much time on holiday exploring and ticking off famous sites and landmarks when there is often so much more to enjoy on our own doorsteps.  The people in Benburb are very proud of their local sites and as part of our village plan, we decided to recognise them by promoting the trails, local heritage and historical sites to visitors to the area.

After a period of consultation, B&DCA looked to develop a trail in Benburb Valley Park.  Through another round of successful funding from Grow Wild UK, we developed an interactive walking trail and activity booklet ‘Discover Blackwater valley @ Benburb’.  In developing the design we provided a series of community days to help engage the local kids with their environment, helping them learn about nature and grow wildflowers. We secured trees from the woodland trust which were used to regenerate part of the woodland and meadow.